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Our philosophy on wine is simple.  Wine should fit into your life like music and art.  They enhance your life & contribute to happiness.  Wine is an art form that that can transport you to a time and place.  It can elevate a meal, or stand alone and shine.  We have wine for every occasion.  Whether you want to celebrate with some bubbles, or relax after a long day, we can find the wine for you.  If you’re new to wine – great! We’ve sampled thousands of wine & strive to carry great value, high quality grape juice.  The staff at Lighthouse has hand selected every bottle in the store, most of which is not available in grocery stores, and we also sell wine by the case. Many of the wines we bring in cater to our customers.  For 16 years we’ve gotten to know our regulars and our selections continues to evolves with their taste.  We can help find the perfect fit for your palate.  You can also browse our wine of the week reviews to read up on some of our recent favorites. So whether you’re looking to explore wine from around the world or here within the United States start your journey at Lighthouse Beer & Wine.