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“There’s an App for that”

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With social media taking over just about every aspect of our lives, the ever-popular saying “There’s an app for that” has become more prevalent than ever. With the craft beer industry also booming, there has recently been an outburst of social media applications centered on the world of beer and wine, even one that started right here in Wilmington, NC!

Have you ever found yourself trying a bunch of fantastically tasty beers (found at Lighthouse, of course) and then later not being able to remember the name of the beer? I know I have, and that’s where the handy application Untappd came into my life, and now I can’t stop suggesting it to customers! Untappd is a new way to socially explore, share, and express your love for the world of beer. Untappd allows you to search for the beer that you’re drinking, rate it, and check it in at a particular location. The app then will begin to recommend beers to you based on the beers you have been checking in. Untappd also allows you to follow friends, toast and comment on the beers that they are drinking, and give you ideas and suggestions of what you should try next. You can even click on specific locations and see what the people around you are drinking right then! The app keeps a list of every beer you’ve logged to refer back to, and even has a wish list option. If that’s not enough, the app awards you badges after you complete certain criteria. For example, if you try 5 different kinds of sour beers you will receive a “Pucker Up” badge for exploring the world of sour beers. I mean, who doesn’t want to be rewarded for drinking tasty brews?!

Now, how about when you’re new to the craft beer scene and need a little help figuring out what you like? That’s where this next app comes in. Next Glass is a fairly new software company that was founded here in Wilmington, NC in 2012. Next Glass is a science-based application that uses data algorithms and the chemistry of the ingredients in the beer matched with your taste preferences to give you an exact score of how likely or how unlikely it is that you would like a specific beer or wine. When you sign in to the app, you create a “Taste Profile” of the beer or wines that you already know that you like; the app will then create a profile for you based on what you input. Obviously the more beverages you log, the more spot on it will be with its suggestions. Here comes the cool part that sets Next Glass apart from the others. This app has a feature that will lets you scan the label of a beer or wine bottle and give you a specific score of how much you specifically will love or hate the bottle. Also, if you have friends on the app, it will show you which of your friends would get a high score on this beer or wine (just in case you’re feeling nice and want to make your friends think you’re really good at knowing what they like) This app is still fairly new, so I have found that it doesn’t have a lot of the newer or more unique beers but it does allow you to suggest beverages for them to test and add to their database.

So next time you’re hanging out sipping on some delicious brews at Lighthouse, make sure you check in your beer to Untappd so we can check out what you guys are loving, or maybe not so lovin. Also, make sure you support the locally started Next Glass to help you scientifically (woah) figure out what your tastes are. Then, when you come strolling into Lighthouse and stare into our some-what overwhelming coolers and shelves of craft beer and wine you and waltz right up and be able to find exactly what your little taste buds are dreaming of.