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Team Lighthouse Heads West

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IMG_0267Early this summer three Lighthouse staffers took to the winding roads of Asheville, NC not only in search of some of North Carolina’s best new brews but also to take in a largely unfamiliar scene. We came away with new friends, our palates overly satisfied and an even greater appreciation of a city devoted to the production of craft beer in our home state. We found-on occasionally largely different scales-at nearly every turn a local brewery awaited, hard at work to manufacture and serve their finest beers to happy patrons. We fit right in! With so much of it’s land and so many citizens devoted and intertwined in every phase of production and distribution, it’s no surprise to hear so many locals proudly declare Asheville, “Beer City, NC.” While our trip has come to an end, it serves a pleasant reminder that in many corners of NC there’s a local microbrewery or brewpub eager to serve your next favorite. From imperial stouts to jalapeño pale ales, barrel-aged sours to pilsners, the craft beer scene in North Carolina continues to flourish and provide quality, local brew options to quench even the pickiest of palates. Stop in our shop and share your favorite beer/brewery experience with our staff! We’ll always have something new to try and most any of your old favorites! Cheers!

– James