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Stone Master of Disguise

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stoneStone Stochasticty Project: (A True) Master Of Disguise

For their final installment in the 2014 Stochasticity Project, Stone Brewing has bottled a true sensory overload you simply can’t miss! Master Of Disguise- an imperial golden stout brewed with cocoa and coffee beans- is perfectly titled as it most certainly lives up to its name. Truly confusing for your senses, this beautifully golden and lighter bodied brew packs the huge roasted nose you crave in a great coffee stout but presents itself as an innocent golden ale. With an ABV of 9.7% you should probably take a seat before blasting off into a state of blissful contradiction. Remember sharing is caring, so grab a friend as this brew is going to lend itself to plenty of discussion! Get STOCHED and get here now before this one’s gone forever! I’ll see ya soon.

But first let’s examine the DANGERS OF GETTING STOKED