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Oskar Blues Gubna

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gubnaOskar Blues Gubna was just unleashed.  Their spring seasonal is called the Gubna, and the way you pronounce this beer is by imaging Arnold Schwarzeneggar trying to say governor to the best of his ability. This beer is a lot like Arnold himself bold, intense and hard to pronounce his name. The Gubna has more surprises then the movie Predator which was released in 1987. Oskar Blues really made a bang with this imperial IPA which blows up the competition at 10% ABV. This Imperial IPA has complex flavors and is it extremely smooth considering its high gravity. The Gubna makes every other Imperial IPA seem like Predator 2 starring Danny Glover which was far less superior to the original film.

Oskar Blues Gubna pours a beautiful golden yellow (the same color as the Oscar that Predator should have won). The nose is full of aroma with tropical scents and honey dew. The flavors are many and vary, which include melon, tropical fruits, grapefruit, and lemon zest. The Munich malt gives this a rare subtle spice that is not commonly found in most IPAs. Oskar Blues did not skimp on the hops, which includes an impressive lineup of sorachi ace, chinook, and mosaic; just like the impressive lineup of actors in Predator. The finish is strong and lingers to your satisfaction.

Spring has gotten a whole lot better with this seasonal release. So pickup a copy of the predator and “Get to the CHOPPA!” to Wilmington’s oldest bottle shop to enjoy this satisfying treat from Oskar Blues.

Cheers, Jason “J” King