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Gloria Ferrer

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A Surprising Night In

It was a great New Year’s Eve at Lighthouse. Lots of folks came in to get a bottle of bubbly stuff, we hope you all enjoyed your celebrations! I love bubbles, and upon Jason & Aaron’s suggestion, picked out a bottle of Gloria Ferrer Blanc de Noirs for toasting.  (It’s a sparkling Pinot Noir, who knew there was such a wonderful thing? Not me, until I started working here!) I finished up my shift and headed home for what I thought would be an uneventful evening of Netflix and a little Carson Daly. I whipped up an unassuming pot of pasta, with some Harris Teeter Arrabiata. Nothing noteworthy, until I opened that bottle of Gloria Ferrer. Upon first sip, it was bright and fruity, with a clean, dry, slightly tart finish. The perfectly carbonated wine looked gorgeous in the glass, with a pearlescent, almost metallic pale golden sheen. I’ve never seen such a thing, and I loved it! It made me feel so elegant standing in my kitchen in sweats and poufy slippers. But that wasn’t even the best part. When I took a bite of pasta, and then another sip – BOOM! The pairing was AWESOME! I was so surprised by what I had accidentally stumbled upon. The balanced acidity and bright flavors of the wine stood right up to the bold, spicy sauce, and the carbonation helped clear my palate so the heat didn’t linger. They both complimented and enhanced each other so perfectly, I couldn’t believe it. I like to find happiness in the little things, and I ended 2015 a very happy girl. The point of all this? It’s easy to make any night in a special one. Stop in and ask anyone on our staff what they would suggest to pair with your favorite dishes. We are always happy to answer any questions, and have great stuff to fit any budget. Let us help you jazz up that tuna casserole with a zippy California White Blend, or make Taco Tuesday legendary with a South American Carmenere. Happy New Year!