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Evil Twin Citra Sunshine Slacker

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Evil_Twin_Citra_Sunshine_Slacker_mIn light of national IPA day and session IPA’s taking over the summer, I’m here to introduce one of my favorite session IPA’s: Evil Twin’s Citra Sunshine Slacker. Session IPA’s are a great choice for a hot summer days because of the incredible drinkability and the fact that they will not weigh you down with the low ABV. Earlier this summer, I was looking for a new beer I hadn’t tried before that I could take out on the boat with me for the day. I wanted a light, refreshing beer that I could sip on all day. Aaron pointed me in the direction of this Evil Twin brew and I definitely think I have found a new favorite. Citra Sunshine Slacker has a crisp, citrusy nose and  tropical fruit taste right up front. First sip you can taste the fruity hops in there along with a nice and crisp carbonation. This session IPA isn’t incredibly bitter, so if you’re not the biggest IPA fan, but looking for something with great flavor and just enough hoppy goodness, this is definitely the beer for you. This beer is distributed all year long by Evil Twin, but I would definitely try and squeeze this beer in this summer because you will not be disappointed!