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Dogfish Head Festina Peche

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Festina-PecheI have a thing for summer beers, and I would drink this beer all year long if I could, and honestly I’m thinking of stocking up so that I can. Dogfish Head makes some killer beers, but I think I may have found my new favorite with The Festina Peche Berliner-Weissbeir. If you’re wondering what a Berliner-Weissbeir is, it’s an extremely refreshing, tart, and acidic beer with very little hop bitterness. This beer has a nice refreshing carbonation mixed with peachy goodness in the flavor that leaves you with a super light bodied, very drinkable beer. Festina Peche is pretty tart, but if you’re a sour beer lover you’ve got to add this one to your list. The peach in this beer is not over powering at all. I definitely recommend this one to those who really like a bit of fruity taste in their beer, and aren’t scared of a little tart. Festina Peche is the ultimate thirst quencher on a super hot day, or any other time really. This beer is probably going be swept off the shelves soon, so get into Lighthouse and try it while you’ve got the chance!