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Cote Des Roses Rosé

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FullSizeRender1Its’ one thing to be a sucker for labels, but with this rose it’s the unique bottle that draws you in. This Cote Des Roses Rosé by Gérard Bertrand has a strikingly original bottle with the base in the shape of a rose! Forget a bouquet of flowers, who doesn’t want a bouquet of Rosé? I can admit that I am a newbie to Rosé, as I’ve usually just assumed it would have the same taste qualities as a super sweet white wine, but I was very wrong here. After one of my first shifts at Lighthouse, Anna introduced me to the world that is rosé and I’ve been smitten ever since… especially with this particular bottle. Cote Des Roses Rosé is a blend of Grenache, Cinsault and Syrah and is produced out of the Gérard Bertrand Winery in the south of France. It is every bit refreshing as it is tasty. This wine hits the palate with hints of strawberry and grapefruit along with very dry and crisp taste. This would be a great wine to sip on by itself, or a perfect pair with a great seafood dish. This is a perfect summer sipper, and in my opinion would make a killer centerpiece for a shower, wedding, or again a cute addition to date night. We just got this rosé back in stock at Lighthouse recently, so come get it quick!