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Catena Malbec

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photo (4)It’s difficult to judge a Malbec once you’ve sipped on Norton Reserve next to a warm, crackling lit campfire in the midst of a mountainous landscape.  I thought nothing could beat the unique balance of earthy leather & rich, luscious blackberry flavors.  Then I sipped the Catena Malbec…

Its sensual, maroon hue with deep purple highlights immediately entices me.  The appearance alone in my dimly lit living room whispers sex in a stemless glass.  Similar to the Norton, this fuller-bodied Malbec is driven by lush, dark berry flavors with a bold balance integrating earthy elements.  The deep rich aroma reveals roasted plum & ripe blackberries.  Smooth & rich upfront, a thick blanket of caramelized berries coats the palate overtop a delicate layer of tart raspberries.  The finish is supple & smooth, leaving just a trace of vanilla & tannins; it leaves my lips wanting more.    I’ve found my new lover. 

-Courtesy of Kelsie