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Ballast Point Pumpkin Down

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pumpkin downI had gone almost 23 and a half years abstaining from pumpkin beers…until now. After enjoying the tastes of Ballast Point’s Grapefruit Sculpin and Even Keel throughout the summer months, I figured I would give their seasonal beer “Pumpkin Down” a try. Sure enough, the brewery continues to impress me with each beer I try. Pumpkin Down lends a perfect combination of the caramel malt flavor you get from Scotch ales and adds the perfect compliment of pumpkin flavor to create a killer fall beer. When poured, you can immediately smell spices including cinnamon, clove and nutmeg. On your first sip, you will notice a caramel and toffee backbone with a subtle taste of pumpkin and spices. It finishes with hints of earth and smoke. Pumpkin down managed to completely change the pumpkin beer game for me. One seasonal beer with the perfect amount of pumpkin and spices and not too much sweetness was all it took. Thanks to this beer, I finally am coming to terms with the seasons changing, and look forward to fall weather drinking!

Grab a bottle or 6 pack next time you stop in to Lighthouse! It probably won’t last to the end of October.