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It's our BIG DAY!

Celebrate our 21st Birthday!


About The Lighthouse Beer & Wine Team

Jason & Leigh

photo 32Lighthouse Beer and Wine was founded by Jason Adams on Friday, February 28th, 1998. While working to put himself through college, Jason acquired a strong background in wine. Following graduation from ECU in 1995, he moved to Wilmington. After a years of working 3 jobs, Jason constructed a business plan, sold most of his belongings (including his boat), and took out a loan to open a store that contributed to the booming success of craft beer in Wilmington. Jason had always wanted Lighthouse to have something for everyone. He wanted it to be a one-stop shop that made everyone feel welcome. From cheap domestic beer to high end champagne, he wanted Lighthouse to have it all. Back then, all of the beer sold in North Carolina had to be under 6% alcohol. After “Pop the Cap” – a law that allowed beer up to 15% ABV into the state – the beer selection at Lighthouse grew significantly. For the first year and a half Jason held down the store entirely by himself. He practically lived there! It was during this time that he met his wife Leigh,  a regular at Lighthouse, and often brought her black lab Kohl to hang out. The two hit it off instantly and eloped in 2002 after 2 months of dating, and a few years later had their first son Finn. Their happy family grew from 2 beautiful labs (many of you might remember Margaux & Kohl hanging around the store) to include two awesome sons. Jason, Leigh, Finn, Ryder and their new yellow lab Indie currently live in Hampstead. They spend their free time outside – they’re an active family that loves surfing, running, skating, boating, and being on the beach or in the mountains.