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The Beer & Wine Festival!

October 28th, Wilmington NC


Wilmington’s Beer Week

This year Wilmington’s Beer Week, will be larger than ever! We’ve grown this year, and with the help of the beer community we’ve added more tastings and educational experiences–and even more delectable delights.


Get some sleep and hit snooze a few times on Saturday October 21, then start to prepare yourself for a week of great beer events until the culmination of the week, our 16th annual Lighthouse Beer and Wine Festival. Enjoy!

Voracious and Rare Beer Festival

October 27, Friday 6pm-9pm

We’ve been turning breweries down for this event. Think of all those beers you can’t think of, because that’s what we’ll have at the Voracious & Rare Craft Beer Festival. Those beers you’ve never heard of, the beer breweries don’t bottle and don’t make more than a 5 gallon of, never tasted of course–and they’re BIG.

Buy your Voracious & Rare Festival Tickets here!

We are hosting this most amazing and fantastic special craft beer event as a precursor to our large event Saturday. Tickets are extremely limited, so you’ll want to have yours in hand asap. We will be inviting around 50 of your favorite breweries to pour their favorite limited release beers for an evening of appetizers and delightfully voracious brews. The night is on the deck of the USS North Carolina, under the lights overlooking downtown Wilmington, NC. It’s going to be amazing.


Our aim to is to give those wanting a special beer experience that might be hard to get with the larger 16th annual event on Saturday. In a more personal setting, you’ll be able to discuss and taste more particulars with the beer makers individually. So bring your beer vocabulary book and have a fantastic time! Buy your tickets here while they last!

And then, of course–the main event on Saturday–Lighthouse Presents the Beer & Wine Festival!